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The Crenshaw’s and family {Nashville, TN.}

Getting to Nashville this day was a little nerve racking with crazy weather conditions. I almost made a u turn back home that day. As I was driving I received a text from Jayson saying, weather is bad ahead..stay calm and drive safe….uh…did not help my fear. As I drove nearer to Nashville, what I saw ahead looked awfully scary. Thank goodness it was just a small patch of clouds rolling through! I was relieved to arrive safely and have beautiful weather during the shoot!!

I met Ande and her family about a year ago through Felicia Barton! I was in Nashville doing several shoots when we met. We hit it off well from that moment…very cool family! I enjoyed getting to know her and her family! Since then, we have become friends through the world of social networking and have maintain a friendship! She’s a gifted artist at faux finishing in the Nashville area! She does beautiful work and was featured as one of the faux designers for the show, Extreme Make Over! How cool is that?!!

So here is her lovely family!!

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